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BEST Food Truck

of Spain


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  • Fried Camembert with Tomato Jam and Corn

  • Chicken Fingers with Curry Mayo

  • Crunchy Cannelloni with roasted chicken and apple

  • Delights of foie and caramelized Golden apple

  • Potato Bravas Sibarita 

  • Nachos with Guacamole, Tomato and Cheddar

  • Home made Croquettes: meat, mushrooms or Cod

  • Octopus on top of a potato strudel

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  • Foie Medallion with truffle salt

  • Tuna Tataki on top of Basmati rice,  Tomato, Avocado , Sesame and leek sprouts 

  • Salmon Tartar with crunchy vegetables and Japanese mayo 


  • TENDER BEEF> Cooked at low temperature with veggie  Rosti, Mi cuit of Foie, Caramelized apple and Strogonoff sauce, served in spelt bread

  • ROPA VIEJA ​​​​> Beef DO Girona cooked during 5 hours. Pulled beef with sauce. Served in bread with cheddar, lettuce and tomato. GRILLED 

  • ROASTED PORC > Slow cooked in the oven, served with mushrooms and onion. Sauced with  CAFÈ PARÍS sauce

  • VITELLO TONNATO > Slim cut beef served cold with creamy tuna and anchovies sauce

  • TANDORI CHICKEN > Tender chicken cooked in the oven with Tandori Sibarita sauce

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