• Delights of foie and caramelized Golden apple

  • Roasted meat and foie Ball

  • Salmon and lime Tartar 

  • Tuna Tataki, avocado mayo and Arame seaweed 

  • Octopus carpaccio spoon with potato cream and truffle

  • Crunchy roasted chicken cannelloni with cooked apple and caramelized onion

  • Beef Taco “Ropa Vieja” cooked at low temperature

  • Fried Camembert on top of tomato jam

  • Poached egg with seaweeds and mushrooms with parmentier

  • Chicken Fingers with curry mayo

  • Cornetto filled with cod cream and figs 

  • Roast Beef bread with chutney made of  tomato, pear and ginger

  • Mushrooms mini cake 

  • Wonton with goat cheese and raspberry/ black sausage and apple

Raviolis with Leek and Red Shrimp, micro mesclum and seafood sauce


Filled Chicken with Mousse of Foie and mushrooms + Potato Roti


Filled Fish with Ratatouille + vegetable Tagliatielle 

 Foie Strudel with caramelized apple, Crostinis and contrasts salad

Back of lamb without work with potato and baby onions strudel 


Hake cooked at low temperature,  asparagus tips, Artichokes and Shrimp Sauce 

Mediterranean Bread with sauteed Prawns, vegetables and pine seeds


Veal Filet with Foie medallion

 and Perigourdine sauce


Red Tuba Grilled sauteed with fennel and Cherry tomatoes  

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

Menu 4

Roasted Scallops, veggie tempura and Foie Poêlé


Tender Beef cooked at low temperature with potato parmentier


Crunchy Salmon with baby onions, Cassé Tomato with fine herbs



  • White wine: Blanc de Blancs DO Peralada

  • Red wine: Jardins DO Peralada

  • Cava: Castell de Peralada Brut Reserva

  • Water & Sodas

  • Coffee & Tea 

  • Dessert or Cake 

  • Petit fours

  • Shots 

  • 1 chief waiters 

  • 1 chef

  • 1 waiter for every 15 people 


  • Theme Buffets

  • Snack After Party

  • Open Bar

  • Furniture Rental

  • Appetizers Furniture 

  • Caravan Rental and Transport 

  • Decoration of the place i

  • Special Requests 

  • Kids & staff Menu

  • VAT 10% 

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