• Raviolis with Leek and Red Shrimp, micro mesclum and seafood sauce

  • Filled Chicken with Mousse of Foie and mushrooms + Potato Roti

  • Filled Fish with Ratatouille + vegetable Tagliatielle

  • Roasted Scallops, veggie tempura and Foie Poêle

  • Tender Beef cooked at low temperature with potato parmentier

  • Crunchy Salmon with baby onions, Cassé Tomato with fine herbs

  • Foie Strudel with caramelized apple, Crostinis and contrasts salad

  • Back of lamb without work with potato and baby onions strudel 

  • Hake cooked at low temperature,  asparagus tips, Artichokes and Shrimp Sauce 

  • Mediterranean Bread with sauteed Prawns, vegetables and pine seeds

  • Veal Filet with Foie medallion and Perigourdine sauce

  • Red Tuba Grilled sauteed with fennel and Cherry tomatoes 

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